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Green plate cars dealership ( Turkey / Ankara ) is serving in the field of diplomat to diplomat and foreigner to foreigner tax-free cars in Turkey. In this concept, meet the needs of Embassies, Consulates, Trade Chambers, International Organisations, private companies, Press media, NATO Staff, Retired Foreigners, Lecturers and Students as diplomatic plate (Green - CD Plate), Blue Plate (B Plate), visitor plate (MA Plate), Turing procedures, car insurance and Custom Procedures. Army Officers, or Officers working in National or International organizations who has a right to import a car.Import export transaction and Real estate.
  • H.O: Nenehatun Cad .Billur Sokak 52/5 GOP / Ankara / TURKEY B.O: Elit Residence 19 Mayis Mah Sisli / Istanbul /TURKEY
  • +90 549 543 01 06 & +90 533 963 01 06
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