Customs Procedures

Who is allowed to drive Tax Free cars ?
Based on international laws, foreigners who came to Turkish Republic for work, studying temporarly import their own cars or buy from other foreigners during their stay in the country. • Diplomats • Work Permit Holders • Students & Teachers • Press • NATO Staff • Retired Foreigners • Sportsman
What is difference between CD Plate and MA/MZ Plate cars?
CD/CC plate cars are Diplomatic Cars for diplomats.MA/MZ cars for nondiplomats such as students, press,NATO staff etc… What are the ways of obtaining Tax Free cars? There are three different ways to buy; • Import their own car • Buying from anoher foreigner • Buying from the dealer brand new car
Who can buy a Tax Free car, who is allowed to drive it?
Foreigners working in Turkey with the work permit granted from Ministry of Labour, foreign students (Except language courses), retired foreigners in Turkey, foreign sportsman playing in a Turkish team, members of foreign press can buy a tax free car. Tax free cars can be driven by only the related family members. Third parties are not allowed to use these cars.
What is the Touring Deposit, How much do I have to pay ? How will I get the deposit back?
It is kind of warranty to make the tax free cars users take back the car to their country when their permission is over, leave to the custom and not to sell Turkish citizens.When you give the Turing Blue book, you are getting your money back..You can either pay it in currency or give letter from the bank. Please click to see Touring Deposit Amounts..
How long does it take to finish the formalities of customs, traffic, etc..?
It will take only 5-7 days to finish all procuders..
I am a retired person from abroad, living in Turkey by residence permit.Can I buy a tax free car ?
It is permitted for foreign retired people who came to Turkey for a period of time or permanent living to purchase a tax free (Blue plate) car by just declaring their residence permits.
Who are exempt paying deposit to Touring club ?
Members of a diplomatic missions, Nato members and journalists of foreign press working in Turkey are exempt of paying the deposit to Touring Club.
I have work permit, can I buy another Tax Free cars form my wife?
Members of a diplomatic missions, Nato members are allowed to purchase only 2 tax free cars (husband & wife). The otherscan own only 1 car.
How much will be the fines if I continue using my car after exceeding the blue book permit time ?
You can use tax free car in Turkey as long as your working and residence permit allows. If you do not extend your blue book maximum within 1 month before the deadline, you will be fined with three times of your car’s custom taxs amount.
What I have to do with my Tax Free car when I go out of the Turkey ?
Your tax free car can remain in Turkey as long as the duration shown on its blue licence. If you wish to go abroad you do not have to leave it to the customs.But if you have visitor plate (MA/MZ) you should have letter from your company, school that you will keep the car at parking lot until you are back..
How can I sell my Tax Free car?
You can either sell it to other foreigners live in Turkey, take it back to your country or leave it to the custom which will be government property after 3 months.
What is the procedure when I sell my car?
First of all you shouldsign selling contract at the embassy of yours or buyers.After that you should do register the car at the traffic and leave the car to the custom. The buyer will provide all neccessary documents, put money on Turing bank account to take Blue Book.Whit blue book and other documents required by custom to take it out.You should take the car for examination and after having the plate and registration book you are ready to drive your car.. ** DO NOT FORGET TO PAY ANUAL ROAD TAX ; if you have tax free car (MA/MZ) depend on age and engine size of your car you should pay road tax in two installmants.First one is on january, second in july.
What is the maximum time I can use the car I brought into Turkey?
Your car will be granted a maximum 6 months usage time within Turkey (Triptique) within 1 year. This period can not be extended (Except accidents, natural disasters…). If you exceed this time limit, you will be fined heavily. You will be charged 3 times plus interest of the normal customs and tax charges of the car.
Can I change my foreign plated car into a blue plate temporarily ?
You can if you have a working permit. If not, you can only enter Turkey with triptique permission and you will definitely have to take the car out of the country at the end of this permission time.
What are the other costs to beside the price of the car ?
• Deposit to Turkish Touring Automobile Club which is calculated based on the car’s weight and model. • The road tax (bandrol)declared by the government depending on the model and motor capacity. • Traffic registry, Notary charges road transport suitability, plate, blue book, insurance etc…(Approx. between 800-900 EURO). Do I have to leave my tax free car temporarily to customs when I go abroad ? You do not need to leave your tax free car to customs when going abroad. Once you have the ”Not to be searched” document you can leave your car in your company’s car park. But if your car is not a tax free (blue plate) car and a original foreign plated car (Cars with triptique documents) you must leave your car with customs.
How long can I drive tax free car in Turkey ?
Duration of your car’s stay in Turkey is parallel to your work permit duration.
What if my tax free car is stolen or involved in an accident and I can not use it ?
If your car is stolen you will have to notify Touring Club and involved customs department along with the police report at your earliest. If you car was in accident and in unusable condition, again you will have to notify Touring Club and customs along with report from the police and public prosecutor at your earliest.
Can I sell my tax free car to a Turkish citizen?
This is a granted right only for foreigners.Therefore, you can not sell your tax free car to a Turkish citizen even if you pay all taxes.
I am a foreigner with a working permit in Turkey. I plan to buy a blue plate car soon. Is it possible for me to carry on driving this car after my work permit expires and can I take it back home with me?
Your working permit is sufficient to buy a blue plate car. You can drive this car during your working permit’s duration. When your work permit expires you can take the car into customs temporarily and later take it back home with you.
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